Aplazado el Campeonato de Europa a 2022

Tras la asamblea realizada hoy día 16 de mayo por los delegados de la FISD y el organizador del Campeonato de Europa Speeddown a celebrar este año en Freital (Alemania), se ha decidido en la misma postponer el campeonato al año 2022.

Tras la asamblea, este era el mensaje que enviaba la directiva de la Federación Internacional de SpeedDown:

European Championship 2021 in Freital, Germany

Dear members, dear interested parties, dear friends,

One year later, even if we see a rather positive evolution of the pandemic in many countries,
especially the improvement of the freedom of travel between countries without quarantine, it
remains on the daily agenda and occupies our thoughts.

The impact it leaves in terms of health, finance and psychology is still significant. The improvements
obtained are sensitive and are often accompanied by heavy, strict, although understandable, hygiene

The financial situation of the sponsors is severely affected or weakened. Volunteers, essential to the
organization of such an event, worried about the pandemic situation and hesitate or withdraw. The
number of spectators is severely limited by government security concepts. Not to mention the
difficulty for some countries to participate for various reasons. Thus, the number of participants is
also affected.

Last but not least, everything mentioned above leads to an unsustainable financial outlook for the
organizer of the European Championship.

This forces us, in agreement with the organizer and with great regret, to provide you with the
following information:

• The European Championship of Speeddown 2021 in Freital Germany is
postponed to the year 2022