The Basque Coast

Are you coming to the Speeddown Europe Cup and want to take the trip for sightseeing along the Basque Coast?

We leave you some photos of the young photographer Gorka Gómez of places that you can visit near Legazpia.

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe. 

La imagen puede contener: océano, exterior, naturaleza y aguaThe magical island of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe is an essential stop on the Basque coastline.

Gaztelugatxe has been the scenario of pirates covens and legends and it is no coincidence that it accumulates titles of “most voted wonder” or “most valued” enclave by travellers from around the world. Do not forget to ring the hermitage bell three times in order to attract good luck and chase away evil spirits.

Distance from Legazpia: 100km (1h30m)




Peine del Viento. Donostia – San Sebastián. 

La imagen puede contener: cielo, océano, exterior y naturalezaLocated at the end of the Ondarreta Beach, in the western area of the city of San Sebastián and at the foot of Mount Igeldo, the Peine del Viento is one of the most celebrated sculptures by Basque artist Eduardo Chillida.

Is an impressive large-scale sculpture which speaks of the ferocity of the Bay of Biscay. 

This sculpture was made in Legazpia.

Distance from Legazpia: 60km (50m)



Itzurun Beach. Zumaia. 

La imagen puede contener: océano, cielo, crepúsculo, exterior, naturaleza y aguaOpening directly out into the Bay of Biscay, under the watchful eye of the chapel dedicated to Saint Elmo, the patron saint of sailors, and enveloped in a spectacular series of vertical strata, this beach has been awarded a Blue Flag and its dark sands offer stunning views over the whole of the Bizkaia coast, all the way to Matxitxako. It is also said that its sand and water are beneficial for the health, due to their high iodine content.

Distance from Legazpia: 45km (50m)




Flysch and Basque Coast Geopark. 

La imagen puede contener: océano, cielo, playa, nubes, exterior, agua y naturalezaThe Earth, like the trunk of an old tree, preserves records of past events. Deciphering your way through the Earth’s history reading the landscapes, rocks and fossils is a fascinating adventure.

The Basque Coast UNESCO Geopark, a treasure trove of different chapters in the history of the planet and human beings, and other natural and cultural features, takes us on an incredible journey of discovery, a fascinating journey through geological time and our history.

The spectacular geological formation known as , which is formed by the Mutriku, Deba and Zumaia cliffs and enables us to study the history of our planet, has become one of the biggest attractions on the Basque Coast.

Distance from Legazpia: 45km (50m)